The Steps to Apply for an LGV License

If you have a standard driving license, you might imagine the process for getting your LGV license will be the same. To some extent, you are correct. While much is the same, other parts are more thorough and longer. An example of this is instead of taking one theory and one practical test, you need to take two of each. The process of applying for a provisional LGV license also has a few differences that you need to know about before you start.

Do You Need an LGV or HGV License?

Before you can look at how to apply for these licenses, you need to know which of these licenses you should be getting. You will see applications and documents for both an LGV and HGV license. This can confuse you and make it hard to choose the right application.

The truth is that it does not matter because they are essentially the same. LGV stands for Large Goods Vehicle or Light Goods Vehicle while HGV stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle. Either of these vehicles will need the same license to drive. Regardless, there are two forms you need to complete to apply for an HGV license. These forms allow you to get your provisional license.

The D2 Form

The first form you need is the D2 form. This is the application form that you fill in and send to the DVLA to get your provisional license. This will be the same as applying for the standard provisional driving license and should be straightforward to complete. It is possible to order the D2 pack from the DVLA or you could get it from a training school. The form itself is easy to fill in and you should not spend longer than 10 minutes doing this. This is the one part of the process that is fast, but the second form will also be faster than other aspects of the process.

The D4 Form

The second form you need is the D4 form. This form is part of the D3 pack that you get from the DVLA, but you can also download it from the government website. Either method is good as the form is the same, but if you download it there are some extra tips and information with the form which can be helpful when you need to complete it.

The first half of the D4 should be filled in, but the second half has to be completed by your doctor’s office. You have to go through a medical exam and the doctor will make a note of any issues that need to be considered as part of the application. This will then be sent to the DVLA.

After completing both forms, you have to send them to apply for your provisional license. If there are no complications in this process and no red flags in your application, you will get your provisional license in 3 weeks. This will be sent to you in the post.

While this leaves you with 3 weeks to wait, you should use this time wisely. Instead of forgetting about everything, you can get some practice in for your theory test. You do not need your license to do this and it will give you a head start on the next part of the licensing process. You might even be ready to take the theory test by the time your provisional license arrives. Of course, you will not be able to get any practical experience in because you need to have your provisional license before any HGV driver training school will take you out.