What Do You Need to Apply for a LGV License?

In case you already have a standard driving licence, it might be easy for you to assume that the process of acquiring an LGV licence is exactly the same. Furthermore, how different can it be? And to a certain degree, you are correct. Most of the process is the same but longer and more thorough. For instance, rather than just taking one theory and one practical test, you are required to take two of each. This means that you have to take four tests in total. You don’t need to take a test though if you just want to do your HGV refresher training. Also, the procedure of applying for a provisional LGV is similar, but with a small difference.

Do I Need an LGV or an HGV Licence?

Before we discuss what it is you need to apply, it is important to point out an issue that a majority of people tend to have when applying for an LGV provisional licence, which is the kind of licence that they ought to apply for. You might come across applications and documents for an HGV licence and an LGV licence and start wondering about which you need. However, the fact is that this doesn’t matter as they are just one licence. HGV is an abbreviation for Heavy Goods Vehicle, while LGV is an abbreviation for Light Goods Vehicle or Large Goods Vehicle; regardless of which a single licence will be needed to drive.

With that being said, here are the two forms that you have to get when applying to get an HGV licence.

D2 Form

A D2 is the first form that you will have to get. It is the actual application form that you have to fill in and send to the DVLA to apply for a provisional licence. This should be easy for you as the process is the same as applying for a standard provisional driving licence which you’ve previously done. The D2 pack can be obtained from your training school or ordered directly from the DVLA. It is a very easy form to fill and you can have it done in less than ten minutes. Thankfully, this stage of the process is quick.

D4 Form

A D4 form is the other form that you will need to get. This form can be obtained as part of the D3 pack from the DVLA, or it can also be downloaded separately from the website. Whichever way you prefer is fine and the forms will be the same. However, in case you download it directly from the gov website, then you will need some additional assistance and information on how to go about filing it. Basically, you complete the first section of the D4, then the second section is reserved for your doctor who will fill it during your visit. Your doctor will carry out a physical exam and write down the results and any issues that might have to be looked into. The D4 form will then be sent to the DVLA.

After completing both of these forms, they can be sent off to apply for a provisional licence. Granted that there are no complications during the process and no red flags, both on your driving history and medical exam, then you can expect to find your provisional LGV licence in your letterbox within three weeks.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wait three weeks before doing anything. While you wait for your licence to be sent, you can do a lot of revision to prepare for your theory test. As a licence isn’t required for this, you can begin on the next part of the process and even better, get yourself ready to take on the test before you get your licence.