The Process of Obtaining an LGV License

There are similarities between getting a regular driving license and an LGV license. Still, the process isn’t identical. There are more steps you’ll have to complete in order to obtain an LGV license. For a standard license, you are going to have to complete a practical test and a theory test. For your LGV license, you will need to take two of each type of test. You’ll find that even the application process is a little more involved. It may also take a bit longer before you receive your new license.

What’s the Main Difference Between LGV Licenses and HGV Licenses?

A lot of people are thrown when it comes time to apply for an LGV provisional license. When they see documents for HGV licenses as well, some people think that this is the type of license that they should be applying for. In actuality, it doesn’t really matter which license you apply for. After all, both licenses serve the same purpose. The licenses stand for different things. LGV stands for “Large Goods Vehicle” (or “Light Goods Vehicle) and HGV is an abbreviation for “Heavy Goods Vehicle”. Both types of licenses allow you to legally operate the same types of vehicles, which means they serve the same basic purpose.

Of course, in order to apply for an HGV license, you’ll need to obtain and complete two different forms. You can find out more about these forms and the completion process below.

Completing the D2 Form

This is the application that must be sent to the DVLA if you want to apply for a provisional HGV license. If you remember the process of applying for a regular driving license, you should know what to expect. It’s possible to pick up this pack from the DVLA or order it and have it sent to you. You may also be able to get the D2 pack straight from your training school. This form isn’t long at all, and it isn’t difficult to fill out. If you set aside 10 minutes to complete the form, you should be able to get it done.

Completing the D4 Form

You’ll find that this form is a little more difficult to complete. To obtain it, you’ll either want to download it from the GOV.UK site or request the D3 pack from the DVLA. You’ll receive the same form no matter which method you choose. The biggest perk of getting it via the government is that you’ll receive extra tips and information that will help you to complete the form. You can complete the section of the form on your own. However, to complete the form, you’ll need to bring it to a doctor. You’ll be expected to undergo a physical examination. The doctor will take the results of this examination into account when filling out the form. Afterward, the form can be sent over to the DVLA.

When both forms have been completed and sent out, the only thing you’ll have to do wait for your provisional license to arrive. Generally speaking, your license should arrive in about three weeks. With that said, if there are issues with either your driving record or your medical exam, you may not receive the license. If there aren’t any red flags that crop up, you should have no issues receiving your license.

If everything goes well, you should have some downtime before you receive your license. Why not make the most of this time? This is an ideal opportunity for you to get ready for your theory test. With some practice, you might be fully prepared to take your test once you have your provisional license in hand, but don’t forget the HGV training cost – make sure you can afford the lessons you ned.