10 Critical Skills to Possess For Success as a HR Manager

You probably wanted a job in the HR department because you like dealing with people. However, simply being a people person does not guarantee that you will make it in this line of work. There are many other skills that are important for success as a HR manager. Though liking people helps in this line of work, here are 10 important skills you need to truly be successful as a HR manager – these are the kinds of things that HR training services will have taught you.

1. Knowledge of Maths

You probably heard that you will not need maths as a HR professional and it may be the reason why you chose it instead of going for accounting. Well, sorry to break the bubble… though you will not need to do as much math as accountants do, most of the compliance work done in the HR department will require a strong understanding of statistics and maths.

You will definitely be using maths to interpret affirmative action reports, determine salary levels, create turnover reports and to also deal with business partners who pay in-depth attention to numbers.

2. Compartmentalisation of Matters

Compartmentalisation usually helps you divide your work life and personal life whilst ensuring that both parts of your life do not clash. Though some parts of your life may meet, you will definitely need to create a divide between both parts of your life to succeed as a HR manager.

Reason? When it comes to HR, issues are always springing up every second.

3. Compassion

Though you do not have to like the people that you will be dealing with, you will need to show compassion. The employees you will be dealing with will expect you to listen to their issues. Though you are not a therapist, you will have to listen to employees and their problems… Well, at least before they real assistance from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

4. Legal Finesse

HR managers do not need to be lawyers. However, for success as a HR manager, you need to have a good understanding in employment law. This is because in many instances, HR managers are usually faced with the need to make quick decisions which have legal ramifications.

A proficient HR manager needs to be able to understand when they are in too deep and when to call the legal department in the firm.

5. Ability to Multi-Task

In big companies, HR managers are usually awarded one function for example dealing with compensation or training. However, in some instances, you will be required to deal with multiple functions at once. In such cases, you will need to be able to switch quickly between duties as you deal with each new crisis.

6. An Understanding of Health Insurance & Other Employee Benefits

Health insurance takes a lion share of the compensation package for employees. The HR department is usually tasked with dealing with health insurance for employees. Though the insurance company may step in to handle employee queries, you need to understand the different types of health insurance plans so as to effectively assist the employees in handling their benefits.

7. An Understanding of How to Handle Recruitment

When it comes to recruiting, getting prospective employees into an interview is just one part of the job. Recruitment and hiring also happens to be a public relations gig. Why you ask? It’s simple… At the end of an interview, any interviewee will walk away from the experience with some feelings about the entire firm.

8. Management Skills

As a HR manager, you need to have people management skills. In this position, you will be coaching managers and they will be taking you into their confidence. You will also play a part in helping them to effectively manage other employees. In some instances, you will be directly responsible for managing a large group of people though you may not have the job of writing their appraisal reports.

9. Discretion

Though many employees think that it is the duty of the HR manager to keep things confidential, this is not a legal requirement. Though you are not bound to keep information confidential, you will be getting a lot of confidential information on a daily basis. As a HR manger, you will need to know when to share information and when to keep some secrets.

10. How to Fire Employees

Firing a person involves more than just saying, ‘we are letting you go’. When firing a person, you should strive to have an employee leave the firm in such a way that they can move on with their life. As a good HR manger, you need to understand this.

Learning the skills described above is imperative for success as a HR manager. However, it is important to point out that no one enters this line of work with full proficiency in the skills described above. Looking to perfect your trade as a HR manager? Learn these skills, practice them and perfect them.