The 6 Ways Office Jobs Lose to Nannying

Have you ever wondered why nannies love their jobs? This is a question that many nannies face as people are curious about why they love their careers. To better understand the reasoning, there are 6 ways that nannying beats any office job.

Something New Every Day

When you have an office job, the typical day starts with you punching in at the same time, sitting at the same desk and doing the same tasks as the day before. This cycle repeats every day of the week. While there is a routine as a nanny, parts of it will always change. One day could be spent out at the zoo while the next is spent inside with crafts because it is raining. Each day brings a new challenge and it never gets boring.

The Dress Code

Everyone has a day when they want to stay in their pyjamas and nannies are no different. Fortunately for nannies, they have more flexibility with their dress code than an office worker. A nanny can go to work in their favourite yoga pants with their hair in a ponytail without any issues.

Every day can be casual Friday as a nanny. There is also the freedom of wearing jeans every day or shorts in the hot summer months. Office jobs are different as you have to stick to the company dress code which can be very restricting.

No Boss Micromanaging

When a nanny is hired, parents do so with the utmost confidence and trust that you are going to do everything you are expected to. While this is a lot of responsibility, there is less pressure compared to an office job. As a nanny, you will have room to breathe and relax without your boss keeping tabs on you. Even if the parents work from home, you will not be micromanaged as they need you to take care of the children while they work. In some ways, you are also your own boss.

Flexibility With Your Own Children

If you have children of your own, you will have the option of taking your children to work with you. Of course, not all families are open to this idea, but there are many who are. It can be a great way for all the children to socialise with something outside their family without needing to set up playdates. If you are thinking of doing this, you will need to talk to the family before you start working for them.

The Pay

The pay for the job should not be the determining factor for this type of job, but you need to understand the impact. Working at a daycare centre can make you feel underpaid and overworked while being under-appreciated. This is why many people leave daycare jobs and work as a nanny instead. Payroll For Nannies makes it easy to get payment quickly and efficiently.

The amount you are able to make as a nanny will vary, but this is the same for any job. However, the salary for nannies is generally better than that of entry-level and low-level office work.

Job Security

There are certain career fields that are always in high demand. Education and child care are two of these careers. People are not going to stop having children and the demand for nanny services will always be there. Of course, it can take some time to find the right match between family and nanny, but it is not impossible.

There are a lot of people who have university degrees working jobs not related to their field of study or who are unemployed. Nannies are rarely in this situation because of the demand for their services and skills. This is true even with companies laying off some employees.

There are many ways that working as a nanny is better than having an office job. Of course, this career path is not the right one for everyone.