Why Is There A Growing Need For Acoustic Professionals?

Noise is one modern society’s fastest-growing environmental problems – as the number of people in the world continues to increase, so does the amount of noise pollution produced. In urban areas, noise pollution is currently impacting the quality of life for the people who live there.

Solving The Noise Problem

To solve noise-related issues, you will need the services of a professional who understands the situation, like Auricl. With the need for acoustic experts growing, Sound Planning provides practical solutions to all architectural, industrial, and commercial noise problems.

For working solutions, you must understand the source of noise, the path the sound takes, and the people who the noise affects. One way to control excessive noise and protect nearby people is to address the source of the noise and the path the sound takes.

Noise Control Solutions

Identifying the best technical solution to noise issues is something that will require up-to-date and good knowledge of acoustics. Our team of specialists is made up of experienced and qualified professionals with the expertise to provide noise control solutions for every building/structure, outdoor or indoor, irrespective of size.

Vibrations are another cause for concern. Large machines and equipment should be designed in a way that, where possible, they operate as smoothly as possible. In industrial environments where electronic components in a system can get damaged due to excessive vibration, there is a need to have all sensitive equipment isolated to protect them from the vibrations.

Potential solutions or measures for the effective reduction of noise include acoustic enclosures, acoustic screens, acoustic louvres doors, and acoustic louvres.

Acoustic enclosures are made to meet the noise reduction requirements set by local authorities. They are great for a variety of applications like plant rooms, generators, pumps, AC units, fans, chillers, industrial equipment, and engine test rooms.

Custom Designs

Our engineers will take the time to discuss every installation’s individual needs with the client, the contractor, and the local planning authority before creating and submitting CAD drawings to help with the planning process. It is worth noting that we can be of assistance throughout the design process and can help with additional development and changes needed.

Sound Planning offers bespoke, high-quality enclosures that suit each client’s needs. Our high standards will ensure that each custom enclosure looks as industrial or as aesthetically pleasing as you’d like. Custom enclosures tailored to your specific needs can help reduce the excessive noise menace in control rooms, pumps and engines, fuel tanks and systems, lifting and storage facilities, etc.

Architectural Acoustics

Acoustic designers and consultants deal with both industrial and architectural acoustics – the noises in and around structures/buildings of all types. A great design will guarantee that desirable sounds are well distributed, while unwanted sounds/noise are eliminated.

While most people understand the importance of having excellent acoustics in recording studios or concert halls and theatres, the focus is now falling on classrooms, offices, factories, and even homes. A lot more people are now looking to curb the noise menace by creating satisfactory acoustic environments both at home and at work. Creating the right acoustic environment is something that can be done during the design of the building. Furthermore, this is more cost-effective than making changes later down the line.

Sectors Affected By Acoustics-Related Issues

As more people become aware of the importance of acoustics in buildings, the need for acoustic designers and consultants in all fields is set to increase. Some of these fields include:

• Demolition and construction
• Environmental, commercial and industrial
• Education, health and justice
• Transportation
• Leisure, entertainment, and performing arts
• Sound insulation testing