The 3 Best Reasons To Install A Pergola This Year


Relaxing outside, especially in the backyard area, is something that you should consider doing if you enjoy the outdoor air and climate. There are some people that are very enthusiastic about not only being outside, making improvements to the visual appeal of this area that they so love. Landscape enhancements can dramatically affect the personality and mood of everyone in your household. If you are considering making improvements, why not install a brand-new pergola? Here is why you should consider doing this:

Extend Your Living Space With A New Pergola

If you own your own home, and you have already installed a patio or deck, you have likely done so to provide you and your family with more living space. This outdoor living area is a fantastic place to spend time, especially during the summer months, but it can become extremely hot which is why a pergola might be the best option. A pergola is a perfect addition to any property as it will allow you to spend more time outside. If they are designed properly, they can provide you with shade and comfort, as well as additional protection, especially when also installing a retractable shade. Many of these shades will protect you from rain as well, particularly in areas with unpredictable storms that happened during the summertime.

Best Design Options For Pergolas

Deciding on a kit, hiring a professional, or the two decisions you will need to make if you want to have one installed. If you do decide to obtain a kit, make sure it comes from a well-known US manufacturer, or else just hire a professional that is known for building them. As with any kit that you purchase, your design possibilities are limited to the fixed dimensions and rectangles that are often provided – however, all of the parts will be available for you to use to create a pergola of your very own.

The materials that you will use should be your next consideration. There are advantages and disadvantages to the many options that you have available:

Pressure-treated wood: Building a pergola with pressure-treated wood is the ideal option for those on a budget. They are going to have a limited lifespan, primarily because they can warp and crack. These can be painted or stained, and after doing so, they can last for several additional years. To learn more see wooden pergolas.

Cedarwood: Western Red Cedar is the most popular type of cedar that is generally used for the production of pergolas. It’s going to prevent the infestation of insects that could damage the lumber. They can become a silver-grey colour if they are not properly sealed or stained, which is preferable to some people. A cedar pergola is going to be more expensive, yet it will last a much longer time than many other options.

Vinyl: This material is perfect for those that do not want to maintain their pergola. They can also be painted virtually any colour that you choose, but keep in mind this is not easy to do with this material.

Fibreglass: A fibreglass pergola would be the perfect solution for anyone that is not on a budget and wants to have one last for several years or decades. They are much more durable, plus they are stronger, allowing them to extend 20 feet in many cases. Finally, if you are adding this in conjunction with your patio or deck, this would be ideal. They are also extremely lightweight, and will not require the same deep footers that are often needed for other pergolas.