7 Outstanding Storage Tips For Moving Home

Before anything else, it is important to come up with a packing list. It might seem an extreme consideration before moving, but getting organized should be the first step when moving home. Get organized on the rooms to pack up first and when to start the process.

1. Plan Ahead

A super tip is to begin packing up from the least populated rooms in your home to the most populated ones. This helps minimize disruption involved when moving your home. Planning also helps you notify your friends about your upcoming moving, meaning you can always get a helping hand when moving out.  Self -storage in Watford is a good idea as a temporary storage option or if you need extra storage whilst you move.

2. Ready Your Packing Supplies

For seamless packing, ensure that you have all the packing necessities before you can begin the process. This way, you don’t waste time looking for boxes when you should be packing. Here are items that should not miss in your supply collection when moving out:
· Boxes – various shapes and sizes
· Tape – sellotape or brown packing tape
· Fillers – any type, from Styrofoam to newspaper
· Pens – include a heavy black marker for labelling
· Bubblewrap
· Scissors

It is also vital to have a designated room where you can assemble all the packed boxes. The view of the packed boxes gives one a sense of accomplishment and also helps you countercheck your items. Homeowners can even use a storage unit for storing their boxes before moving out.

3. Declutter Your House

Here comes the fun part – total decluttering of your home. This is when you go through your items in every room and decide what to trash, keep, or sell. Items that keep are those you wish to carry to your new home. Homeowners can, therefore, store these items in boxes and label them accordingly, awaiting movement.

4. Get a Storage Unit

Storage units are great at offering overflow storage space, as well as a place to keep your seasonal items. Your Christmas trees and lights? Hiking equipment and gear? Skis? Store them all in your storage unit!
While moving home, you may not have the capacity to carry everything along. While you may not wish to dispose of or sell such items, storage units offer the best solution.

5. Sell Some Stuff

Determine the items that are still valuable and sell instead of disposing of them. Who wouldn’t want to make money in the process of moving home anyway? While there are many ways to sell such items, a car boot sale may be the best idea. This helps you monetize some of your stuff while planning to move home. What’s more, setting up a car boot sale is fun – especially in the sunny weather.

6. Begin Packing

Get started with the packing process. While at it, remember the following tips:
· Choose the box type and size correctly
· Maximize packing space
· Observe loading limits
· Seal the boxes properly
· Keep the boxes well-organized

7. Removal of Items

Once packing is complete, then you’re ready to move out. Keep in mind your moving date and ensure that all items are well in place before moving to your new home. Now, everything is packed, the removal company booked, and the moving date just around the corner.
It is the perfect time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new home, with all your items well secured.