Tips To Improve Mobile App Retention

Ask any seasoned or even a novice SEO consultant about gaming the search engines and they will instantly tell you that that’s a thing of the past. Search engine algorithms are so advanced nowadays that it is almost impossible to rank through sketchy methods. And even if you do, you won’t last long at the top and actually risk being blacklisted. Your website needs to be of high-quality, authoritative and contain relevant and original content. Well, this rule is no exception when it comes to ranking in the search engines.

Google Play is one of the best app stores out there as it implements methods that put the best apps at the top. This allows you to get the best applications without doing too much searching. But how exactly does Google Play gauge the quality of an application? Apps in the sky can help develop your mobile app for you.

Well, currently, it all boils down to retention. If a person is still using an app after 30 days, chances are they have had a good experience. Simply put, your mobile app is primarily rated on how many new users are still using it several days or weeks later.

Not long ago, it used to be about ratings, reviews and ratings, but these are no longer that significant. Yes, they still feature in the engine’s algorithm, but retention is the primary focus.

With this information in mind, how do you improve retention on your mobile app?

Make it Easy to Use

There’s nothing more annoying than a non-intuitive app. Making an application easy to use is general advice, but when it comes to dealing with software, it’s another thing entirely. Most developers tend to include instructions on how to use the app and miss the point of making an app intuitive. If your mobile app requires instructions or explanation on how to use it, then it’s badly designed. If you have to inform your users anything, ensure it’s something like how to best use the app and only when this information will be really helpful.

Create the Right Expectation For First Use

People are very impatient and will give your application very little time to decide whether or not it’s worth it. Most even just take a look at the screenshots and completely ignore the description section. Users often have a specific task or experience in mind and so, they will give your listing just a glance. If it hints that it will meet their requirements, then they will download it.

However, if it does not instantly meet their expectations, it will immediately get uninstalled and the user will never consider re-downloading it. So, ensure you set the right expectation if you want to have the right figures and high app retention.

Improve User Experience For First Time Users

If your app requires the user to sign up, make sure you ask the least possible information. People tend to get turned off by long or buggy sign up processes and are more likely to dump the app. Having non-complicated, straightforward processes in your app make it easy and appealing to use.

Invite The Users Back

You can also utilize push messaging to re-invite users. However, don’t have the messages in their face and make them personal instead of generic. So for instance, if they have purchased a product from your before, tell them there’s a special offer on an item that goes with it.

Keep Things Fresh

If your mobile application is content-based, e.g a level-based game, ensure you add new content on a regular basis. People are more likely to revisit the application if they expect something new each time.