Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Golf

Golf is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world. Whether you are a toddler or a senior, golf is a game you can enjoy, even without necessarily playing. For most people, the sunshine on their shoulders while completing challenges and enjoying the day out with friends, loved ones or people who like the sport as much as they do is the epitome of fun.

Once viewed as a sport for the elite, more and more people have started getting into golf after realizing the many benefits the sport has to offer. If you are on the fence or have been considering investing in a set of clubs, here are several reasons why you should start golfing today.

1. Serene Outdoors

Generally, golf courses are beautifully created and well-maintained. Most, if not all new courses today incorporate the surrounding natural elements, creating a serene environment. The final result is feeling as if you’re walking down a green meadow in the middle of a desert, beach, or even the forest. The fresh air and an outdoor break make you feel more alive.

2. Good Exercise

When it comes to exercise, the general advice is to pick a physical activity that you enjoy and stick to it. Getting into golf can be a great way to work out, particularly if you avoid the cart and walk instead. Depending on the golf course, you can walk at least 8 kilometres during the 18 holes. And if you enjoy the game, it will hardly feel like exercise.

3. Challenge

Golf is a sport that challenges you every time, whether it is the same course or a different one. Whether it’s on an individual hole or a whole round, you’re continuously trying to get better scores than before. It’s a game that others in your group will challenge you to get better as well.

4. Family Bonding

Golf is also enjoyable as it’s a sport you can teach your children. When kids are young, they enjoy doing just about anything with their parents. Golf presents an excellent opportunity to bond with your loved ones on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

You can take your young ones down to the local golf store and buy clubs that fit them and then hit the course once or twice per month. This is an experience that will certainly bring you and your family together. If you are near Hayling Island then you may want to have a look at Hayling Island golf.

5. Friendships

You can start and nurture lasting friendships at the golfers. People who love golfing experience a camaraderie that goes beyond the course and into other social activities. If you go to a course alone and join other players, it’s not surprising to find yourself having a beer or dinner with your new friends as you discuss the afternoon game.

6. Business

If you’re in business or simply want to make contacts, the golf course is an excellent setting. There’s a lot of time between shots to discuss your profession or business. When the other golfer requires products or services in your niche, they will most likely contact you as they already know you from a good round of golf.

7. Character

Engaging in any type of sport builds character. Golf, however, is different in that it gives you an opportunity to be introspective during the process as it is a slow-paced sport. You have plenty of time to think about your form, swing, etc. These are skills that you can easily incorporate into other aspects of your life.