6 Reasons An Electric Radiator Is Better Than Your Portable Heater

While a radiator system may come in handy in keeping your home warm, several factors such as poor insulation and non-weather-stripped doors and windows may affect its efficiency. Although you might not be ready to invest in double glazing just yet, going for a portable heater to help keep the rooms warmer isn’t a wise idea. Having an electric radiator system installed is the best way to go. The electric radiator will help keep everyone warm, and at no extra hassles that come with the portable heater. Here are 6 reasons why you should invest in an electric radiator.

1. No Boiler Control
Although portable heaters come in handy when your home’s central heating system decides to die in the middle of winter, an electric radiator would be the best and more realistic and affordable choice. An electric heater doesn’t need a boiler to produce heat, which is an added advantage and especially when you cannot have a new gas central heating and boiler system installed. With the electric radiator at hand, you will be able to keep your home and loved ones warm as you plan and budget for a new central heater. According to research, more than 18% of all households had a boiler breakdown, which cost them a little over £787 million for boiler repairs.

2. More Efficient Heat Distribution
Portable heaters are relatively small and only useful in small applications. They are not designed to heat up vast spaces in the house. A portable heater will take double or even triple the time to heat up a room, which might be inconveniencing for larger homes. An electric radiator, on the other hand, has a far better heat distribution system; hence it can heat large spaces fast. It also doesn’t use as much energy as the portable heater would, to heat up the same area.

3. Electric Radiators Are More Energy Efficient
Portable heaters are only meant for emergency heating. They are thus not a practical way to heat spaces as they consume lots of energy in the long run. Most of these portable heaters use a fan to blow up hot air into the same. In addition to consuming lots of energy, they take quite some time to heat up the desired space.

Electric radiators, however, use less energy to heat the same spaces fast and efficiently. They are even more energy-efficient than gas-powered central heaters. As an added advantage, electric radiators make it possible to heat separate rooms differently depending on the occupant’s preferences. These radiators also have a spot-on accurate thermostat, meaning no heat or energy is wasted. As an added advantage, electric radiators convert electricity into heat, hence no energy loss. Unlike boiler systems that use pipes to transfer heat to various rooms, thus heat loss in the process, electric radiators offer more control with little to zero energy wastage. Installing electric radiators is also much easier when compared to other heating methods.

4. Safety
Portable heaters can be hazardous. Statistics and surveys by the British Fire Brigade show that portable heaters are to blame for numerous fires in the UK, with most resulting in deaths. Leaving a portable heater unmonitored, and too close to a flammable material (including clothes) increases the chances of causing a fire. They are also rated among the top 5 causes of household fires in the United Kingdom.

5. They Do Not Produce Carbon Monoxide
Electric radiators produce zero carbon monoxide. This thus eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas-powered heating systems and boilers, however, require regular servicing and maintenance, and even so, have a very high risk of gas leaking. The combustion of gas to produce heat itself produces carbon monoxide as well. Switching to an electric radiator is therefore considered much safer and reasonable. If looking to keep your family safe, then an electric radiator is the way to go to keep your home warm and comfortable.

6. They are Eco-Friendly
It goes without saying that, electric radiators are eco-friendly. For starters, they do not use or depend on fossil fuels. They also do not produce poisonous gases when in operation, hence making it more environmentally friendly. If looking for a way to go green in your home, then an electric radiator is the way to go.