How Your Business Can Benefit From Using A Recruitment Agency

The process of recruiting new employees can be a costly one for any business. The worst thing with recruiting employees is there is no guarantee that you’ll get/hire the best person for the job. It is, for this reason, many employers today prefer hiring through a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies such as Hartleyco will interview and even identify the right talent for your business. Here are some of the advantages of hiring through a recruitment agency.

1. Ability to Identify Talent
Recruitment agencies work with bother the employer and those hunting for career opportunities. This thus places them in a better position to identify and match the right talent based on your needs. As an added advantage, recruitment consultants know the market dynamics well, hence they can tell who is seriously in need of a job, how capable the candidate is, and the expected salary. Their vast knowledge and experience make it possible for employers to avoid hiring the wrong person for the job.

2. Advertisement Roles
Recruitment agencies are always on the lookout for fresh talent looking for jobs, as well as employers looking for the same talent. Most of these agencies advertise positions both in the dailies and online. This means they can reach a higher percentage of those looking for new jobs. This is unlike most companies and employers that only advertise vacancies on their websites and a few job portals. The limited exposure that these employers and companies have means very few of the desired talent get to see the advertisements and apply for the same. Recruitment agencies, on the other hand, have far-reaching advertisement plans hence get qualified applications for various posts.

3. Negotiate Salaries
The last thing any employer would want is to identify a preferred candidate, only to realise the candidate expects a higher salary and benefits than the company can afford. That said, recruitment agencies have a better understanding of the job market, and also have an idea of the salary amount and benefits for that specific position or talent. These recruiters can, therefore, help you (the employer) benchmark remuneration based on the current market and industry trends.

With recruitment agencies dealing with skilled candidates all the time, they are better placed to negotiate salaries with employers/candidates during the interview and hiring process. Employers can, therefore, use their experience and knowhow to set a salary range for qualified candidates. This way, both the employer and candidate already have an idea of what to expect, which again saves them time and resources.

4. Interviewing Candidates
Employers can request/have the recruitment agency conduct interviews on their behalf. These consultants will first screen candidates over the phone before shortlisting the most qualified ones for the position. Any unqualified or unsuitable candidates are eliminated before the interview process, which again saves time and resources. The recruitment agency also runs background checks on all candidates before they can be called for an interview. This means the HR department won’t have to conduct the background checks again. The other good thing with letting the recruitment consultants handle the interviews is that they will provide you with a shortlist of potential candidates you can hire, and even make recommendations on the same.

5. Provide Qualified Interim Candidates
Recruitment agencies can help your business get more employees and even reduce the number of employees. These consultants are competent enough to identify the right candidates suitable for interim jobs, permanent roles, and full-term employees. Whether your company is running low on staff, or one of the employees has taken an emergency sick leave, the recruitment agency will provide you with a replacement in no time. The best thing with using recruiters is the fact that they already have qualified and vetted candidates ready to hit the ground running.

6. Provide Industry Insight
Recruitment agencies specialise in providing staffing solutions for organisations across all industries. Whether looking for the right candidate for your IT team, interim management, an accountant, or office administration, these are the professionals to go to. Their expertise gives them an upper hand in knowing what the industry trends are, and what your company can do to remain relevant in the field. They also understand candidate expectations, employer needs, the impact of supply and demand, and the job market as a whole.