Why Kids Need To Be Active

Being active is something that few people will debate the importance of. Physical activity and health are related to those who are less active having more health problems. While adults need to stay active, it is even more important to keep children active.

While most parents understand that keeping their children active is important, they do not realise the extent of this. There are many reasons why you need to encourage children to remain active for their health. If you are unsure, there are many reasons why you need to do this.


While this seems to be the most obvious reason to keep children active, it is still important. Children who are active will be less likely to be obese or overweight. While many people understand this is important, more children are becoming less active and gaining more weight. According to the World Health Organisation, the UK is set to become the most obese country in Europe by 2030 which is a very worrying statement.

The rise in obesity will lead to an increase in chronic health problems such as type-2 diabetes and heart disease. These are some of the lifelong issues children can avoid when they are kept active. A lot of people believe that adults have to put in more effort to look after their health as they age. However, getting children used to staying active will set the good foundations for their future and ensure they can easily maintain their health as they age.

Bones And Muscle

Pre-teens and teenagers develop faster than adults. The first few years of life are the formative years that define the health of the body going forward. Children who are more active during their formative years will have stronger bones and muscles. This will ensure they are healthier as they age and will reduce their susceptibility to diseases and injuries such as osteoporosis. The development of these diseases is influenced by the strength of the bones when people are young.

One of the reasons why children are less active today than they were in the past is due to the rise of technology. A lot of people understand there is a direct link between this and the rise in obesity. However, the problem is that the effects can be subtle enough for it to be overlooked.

An example of this will be posture which is affected by sitting in front of the TV for too long. This can be a cause for concern, but the rise of tablet and phone use is more worrying. Portable screens allow children to spend long periods in one position and this will have a negative impact on their posture.


A lot of parents will agree that a fall in activity in children will instil a laziness that sticks with them for the rest of their lives. As they get older, children will become less capable of engaging in physical activity. This can be due to obesity or issues with bone strength, but in most cases, a lack of activity is due to a lack of desire.

The longer any habit, good or bad, is repeated, the harder it is to break it. This is something that will affect the current generation when they become adults. Children will not only be less active, but they are also going to be less sociable and feel more isolated as they age. This is due to the amount of time spent home alone or in the company of other people without really interacting with them.

The realities of modern life can have an effect on the physical health of the future generations, but it is hard to determine the exact effect. Understanding topics like physical health and diet is improving, but the health of the general population is still declining. This is why most people are not looking at whether or not things are going to be worse in the future, but how much worse they will be.


Explainer: 6 Key Things You Should Know About The MOT Test

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is a legally mandated examination that has to be done on all vehicles that are older than three years. To prove that your vehicle meets the legal threshold to be certified as roadworthy, you need to have a valid MOT certificate. Further, you also need to have a valid MOT certificate to pay vehicle taxes. Below, we have detailed some key things that you should know concerning the MOT test.

1. To Take the Test, You Have to Pay a Fixed Price

Since the MOT test is a legal requirement, the cost of the test is usually set by the Government. As of January 2015, the cost of the MOT test stood at exactly £54.85. You cannot be charged more than the stipulated amount. However, it is legal to get a discount for the test. Should your vehicle fail the first MOT test, many retailers usually offer a free retest within a specified timeframe. However, if you take too long to carry out the requisite repairs before taking the test again and the specified timeframe for the free retest elapses, you will be required to pay for the test again.

2. The MOT Test Is Not a Service

Always remember that the MOT test is NOT a service test. Just because your car passes the test does not mean that its mechanical systems are in perfect condition. Basically, the MOT test is just a basic safety examination of your car. It does not focus on the internal function of all your car components. Unlike the MOT test, when you take your car for service, technicians will perform crucial inspections on important car systems such as the transmission, brake systems as well as the entire engine.

Although you are only legally required to ensure that your car passes the MOT test, it is imperative that you get your car serviced regularly so that all its internal components and systems are functioning as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is also important that you perform basic maintenance on your car such as checking the oil and water level as well checking the state of your tyres.

3. You Can Fail the MOT Test Because of Minor Car Problems

Many car owners tend to overlook small issues in their vehicles. Though an issue may seem minor and inconsequential, it can make your car fail the MOT test. For example, if your car has a broken door handle or the washers are not functioning properly, the vehicle will not pass the test.

4. After Taking the Test, You Will Receive Advisory Notices

An advisory notice usually incorporates problem areas that the people handling the MOT test recommend that you take car of. Advisory notices usually cover a wide range of car issues some of which may not be related to why your car failed the test. Even when a car passes the test, it is common for advisory notices to be included in the results. When you are given an advisory notice, it is important to take action on the areas pointed out in the notice. If the problem areas are not addressed, they usually mutate into bigger problems and can be the reason why your car fails the next test.

5. You Should Only Take the MOT Test in an Approved Centre

Remember that not all garages can offer MOT tests. These tests can only be carried out in garages that have been approved by the DVSA (formerly VOSA). Once your vehicle has been tested and validated to be roadworthy, its details are usually updated in a database maintained by the MOT. Approved car testing centres usually have access to this database.

6. What Should You Do If Your MOT Certificate Is Expired?

If your MOT validation has expired, you should not drive your car on any road. If you are caught by the authorities driving a car without valid MOT certification, you will be arrested and prosecuted. The only instance when you can avoid prosecution is if you are driving a car without validation to a testing centre to take a pre-booked test. If your MOT validation has expired, first make an appointment with an approved testing centre before taking your car out on the road.


Advantages Of Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are considerably more realistic and offer more benefits than staying up in a hotel. Whether travelling in the company of friends, family, alone, for leisure or business, a serviced apartment will make your stay worthwhile. Outlined below are some of the perks and benefits of going for a serviced apartment.

1. Space
A serviced apartment offers at least 30% more space than a standard hotel does. This gives you plenty of space and room to sleep, work, relax, and even prepare your meals. It is also worth noting that, a one-bedroomed serviced apartment is approximately twice the same as the average luxury hotel room.

2. Value for Money (Save More for Longer Stays)
The standard hotel charges at least 20% more than a serviced apartment of the same standard. You also do not have to worry about room service, mini, bars, and other hidden extras with serviced apartments. VAT also reduces to 4% on longer stays too. This thus allows you to save more money should you choose to stretch your stay. Many serviced apartment providers accommodate long-term bookings (Monday to Fridays) for corporate guests. You can, therefore, be assured of value for money and better savings with this option.

3. Location
Most serviced apartments are located at the heart of major cities and in/around many tourist destinations. You can also find numerous apartments within proximity to central business districts are well. It shouldn’t take you long before identifying a strategically placed apartment fit for your needs.

4. Flexibility
These apartments provide the flexibility you’d need during your stay. This means you can work at your timelines, prepare meals whenever you wish, and even hold business meetings within the private space. The apartment, therefore, doubles up as both your living space and conference room during your stay. Unlike hotels (where you have to pay to use their conference rooms), you never have to pay extra for the service.

5. Availability of Washing and Cooking Facilities
A serviced apartment is a home away from your home. You have everything you’d want in a home in the apartment. This means you can do your laundry and prepare meals at will. Most serviced apartments, at the very least, have communal laundries where you can wash and even dry your clothes. You, therefore, never have to pay anyone to do the washing for you. This is not only convenient for many people but also saves you some money.

6. Additional Services and Facilities
Most serviced apartments will even have extra services and facilities, including concierge, swimming pools, gyms, bars, and restaurants as well. Some of these services are far much better than what you’d get in a hotel.

7. Extra Services
Many service providers make it possible to make an order for personalised hampers, welcome parks, and other pre-selected items before your arrival or checking in. You can also have the items delivered after checking in. You can also bring in or order whatever drinks and snacks you’d like to have for the night or during your stay.

8. Quality Service
If looking for luxury and extra comfort, you can find apartments readily available with plush interiors, tip-quality furnishings, fully equipped kitchens, high-quality toiletries, bed linen, and towels. These provide more than just the boring box rooms you might be accustomed to with apartments. In addition to this, most of these apartments have top of the class entertainment facilities, including entertainment packages as well as Sky TV.

9. Free Wi-Fi
Most serviced apartments offer free Wi-Fi as standard for their clients. This is unlike hotels that will require you to pay a service fee for the same.

10. Meeting Spaces
As mentioned earlier, you can use the apartment space to host small business meetings. This can be done around the dining table, or even the living room if you like. The service provider might also be able to provide you with an onsite meeting room, and especially if looking to host a slightly bigger meeting.

11. It Is Very Easy to Make Bookings
Bookings can be made via booking agents or directly online.

12. Greater Degree of Privacy
Serviced apartments, unlike hotel rooms, provide greater privacy, hence ideal for those that don’t wish to be disturbed. You can also request for reduced main service if looking for the utmost confidentiality.

13. Security
These apartments offer private and self-contained accommodation. Most of these have a secure entry, 24-hour CCTV, and security staff round the clock.

14. Home Away from Home
Hotels cannot give the same home experience as serviced apartments do. You have your kitchen, living space, and a bedroom. You also do not have to worry about a noisy neighbour across the hall.


6 Reasons An Electric Radiator Is Better Than Your Portable Heater

While a radiator system may come in handy in keeping your home warm, several factors such as poor insulation and non-weather-stripped doors and windows may affect its efficiency. Although you might not be ready to invest in double glazing just yet, going for a portable heater to help keep the rooms warmer isn’t a wise idea. Having an electric radiator system installed is the best way to go. The electric radiator will help keep everyone warm, and at no extra hassles that come with the portable heater. Here are 6 reasons why you should invest in an electric radiator.

1. No Boiler Control
Although portable heaters come in handy when your home’s central heating system decides to die in the middle of winter, an electric radiator would be the best and more realistic and affordable choice. An electric heater doesn’t need a boiler to produce heat, which is an added advantage and especially when you cannot have a new gas central heating and boiler system installed. With the electric radiator at hand, you will be able to keep your home and loved ones warm as you plan and budget for a new central heater. According to research, more than 18% of all households had a boiler breakdown, which cost them a little over £787 million for boiler repairs.

2. More Efficient Heat Distribution
Portable heaters are relatively small and only useful in small applications. They are not designed to heat up vast spaces in the house. A portable heater will take double or even triple the time to heat up a room, which might be inconveniencing for larger homes. An electric radiator, on the other hand, has a far better heat distribution system; hence it can heat large spaces fast. It also doesn’t use as much energy as the portable heater would, to heat up the same area.

3. Electric Radiators Are More Energy Efficient
Portable heaters are only meant for emergency heating. They are thus not a practical way to heat spaces as they consume lots of energy in the long run. Most of these portable heaters use a fan to blow up hot air into the same. In addition to consuming lots of energy, they take quite some time to heat up the desired space.

Electric radiators, however, use less energy to heat the same spaces fast and efficiently. They are even more energy-efficient than gas-powered central heaters. As an added advantage, electric radiators make it possible to heat separate rooms differently depending on the occupant’s preferences. These radiators also have a spot-on accurate thermostat, meaning no heat or energy is wasted. As an added advantage, electric radiators convert electricity into heat, hence no energy loss. Unlike boiler systems that use pipes to transfer heat to various rooms, thus heat loss in the process, electric radiators offer more control with little to zero energy wastage. Installing electric radiators is also much easier when compared to other heating methods.

4. Safety
Portable heaters can be hazardous. Statistics and surveys by the British Fire Brigade show that portable heaters are to blame for numerous fires in the UK, with most resulting in deaths. Leaving a portable heater unmonitored, and too close to a flammable material (including clothes) increases the chances of causing a fire. They are also rated among the top 5 causes of household fires in the United Kingdom.

5. They Do Not Produce Carbon Monoxide
Electric radiators produce zero carbon monoxide. This thus eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas-powered heating systems and boilers, however, require regular servicing and maintenance, and even so, have a very high risk of gas leaking. The combustion of gas to produce heat itself produces carbon monoxide as well. Switching to an electric radiator is therefore considered much safer and reasonable. If looking to keep your family safe, then an electric radiator is the way to go to keep your home warm and comfortable.

6. They are Eco-Friendly
It goes without saying that, electric radiators are eco-friendly. For starters, they do not use or depend on fossil fuels. They also do not produce poisonous gases when in operation, hence making it more environmentally friendly. If looking for a way to go green in your home, then an electric radiator is the way to go.


How Does An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Work?

What Is A UPS Used For?

A UPS can be defined as an electronic device designed to prevent abrupt power loss that could cause disruption or even damage an electrical system. It is mainly equipped with a backup battery system that helps provide an uninterrupted power supply even after a blackout or if there’s a problem with the mains supply. The UPS gives you enough power to ensure all critical systems stay active even after power loss, giving you time to shut them down safely if the disruption is prolonged.

A good UPS system can safeguard your electrical supply in several ways. These include:

1. A Power Surge: This is the sudden spike in power flowing through your devices. Power surges are typically common when there’s a lightning strike. The sudden increase and drop in power can cause damage to your equipment. A power supply, however, protects your equipment against such.

2. Overvoltage: This is when supplied power is higher/more than what is required. Overvoltage causes electrical appliances and devices to overheat and even damage them. Unlike a power surge, overvoltage may be sustained over a period causing a myriad of electrical problems.

3. Undervoltage: This occurs when the power supplied is less than the required amount of voltage. Undervoltage may occur, especially if there’s a sudden demand for power with your line, or if the grid has a problem. Lack of current flow leads to appliance damage as well as active data loss.

4. Power Outage: This is a complete (short or long term) disruption in the power supply. Although several factors may be to blame for the power outage, a power outage can result in system downtime, data loss, among other critical issues. A power outage can even cause data to be corrupted, making it even harder to recover.

Parts of a UPS
A UPS is made up of 4 main parts. These parts work in harmony to provide you with a stable power supply when needed (during an emergency). Assembly and arrangement of these parts, however, vary from one UPS version/manufacturer to another. An offline UPS is, however, a lot different from an online double-conversion UPS, though both serve the same purpose. These parts are:

1. The Charger: As the name suggests, the charger ensures the batteries are fully charged as they wait to be activated. The charger converts the incoming alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) to charge the battery. This is the most common conversion in many UPS systems.

2. The Battery: The battery is the core component required to store energy, which can be used once activated. These batteries are, however, only activated when the power supply is disrupted. A UPS system may have one or more batteries connected in series for continuous power. In the case of multiple batteries, frequent battery testing is required to ensure none of the batteries is faulty. The UPS is almost always plugged in to ensure the batteries are fully charged.

3. The Inverter: The second stage in double conversion is converting the stored power (in the batteries) into usable electricity. The inverter is what separates an online UPS with an offline one. An online UPS has the inverter engaged continuously (active) to ensure changer over from AC to batteries is seamless. An offline UPS inverter, on the other hand, has to be activated via a switch when there’s a power disruption. Thanks to the inverter, the power output supplied is stable, modulated, and consistent.

4. The Switch: The switch is common in both offline and online-interactive UPS. The switch is triggered when there’s a power disruption, which then activates the inverter causing the battery to come online instantly and seamlessly. The switch acts as a bypass that diverts current to a separate circuit.

The 4 parts discussed above work hand in hand to ensure there’s an uninterrupted power supply for your systems and appliances. These ensure your devices do not go off, especially when there’s a sudden disruption in power supply from the mains.


How A UPS Works

What Will A UPS Protect Against?

A UPS or uninterrupted power supply is a device that prevents a loss of power that can disrupt or damage an electrical system. If the mains supply has a problem, it will work as a backup battery and ensure that any critical systems remain active ling enough for correct shutdowns. This is ideal if you need prolonged power in the event of a disruption.

There are four problems that your electrical supply can face. All of these will cause issues without the safeguard of a UPS system. It is important to know what they are and what they can do.

The first is power surges which are an increase in the power flowing through your device. This will generally be caused by an external force such as lightning strikes. The increase in power followed by the drop after can cause serious damage to equipment.

The second is overvoltage which is when the supplied power is greater than the required power. This will cause equipment to overheat and will damage it. Unlike power surges, the increased power is provided over a prolonged period and will cause different problems.

The third issue is undervoltage which is also known as a brown-out. This is when the power supplied to equipment is less than it requires. The reason for this could be a sudden demand for power in another area or a problem with the power grid. A lack of power will cause data loss and damage.

The last problem is a power outage which is a complete disruption of the power. There are a lot of causes of power outages, but the results will be a severe loss of data. System downtime will also be a major issue.

What Makes Up A UPS?

There are four parts that make up a UPS and will work together to provide the constant flow of power that you need in an emergency. The arrangement of these parts will vary depending on the type of UPS you have. An offline UPS will have a different configuration to an online double conversion UPS. However, both machines will have the same four components

The first part is the charger which ensures the batteries are charged as they wait to be activated. To do this, the charger converts the incoming AC into DC. The current then travels through the UPS and powers the batteries.

The second part is the battery and this is where the power of the UPS is stored until you need it. The batteries are generally stored in long strings with several connected as a series to provide continuous power. The danger of this is that if one battery fails, the whole string will and this is why you need to frequently test your batteries. The charger will take care of providing the battery with the highest possible charge.

The third part is the inverter and this is the second half of the double conversion process. It is also vital for turning stored battery power into usable energy. This part will often be the core difference in the set up of the UPS as the online systems have a constantly active inverter for seamless changes. An offline UP will activate the inverter through the bypass switch when the power problem occurs. This part of the system will keep the output stable, consistent and modulated.

The last part is the switch which is used by line-interactive and offline UPS systems. The switch is triggered when there is a power disruption and will activate the inverter. An online UPS will have a switch that acts as a bypass switch and will trigger when there is a UPS failure. When this happens, the switch divers to a separate circuit for the mains power.

All of these parts are needed and have to work together for your UPS to provide you with the power you need. If any part of the system fails, the entire system will fail.


Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Marketing Your Brand

Improving the recognition of your brand and increasing it awareness helps in building credibility with customers and it also assists the sales force in your business to close the deal. Corporate branding and the demand generation are inseparable especially for companies that are in the growth phase.

Below are three top reasons why business owners and company stakeholders should invest in brand marketing.

1. Marketing a Brand Helps in Building Credibility

Research has shown that customers focus on buying products from companies that they know and trust. A good example is Amazon, Starbucks, Apple and also B2B firms like General Electric and Intel. Today, the best way to build a competitive edge over competitors is to have brand credibility.

Whether you are a new business or an expanding enterprise, the marketing heads in your company should focus on positioning your brand as a market leader. To do this, they can leverage the profiles of the business founders or create a positive brand perception and influence customer behaviour.

As the face of the firm, the CEOs of the company play a huge role in building and strengthening the credibility of a firm. Ideally, marketers should position the CEOs to be seen as thought leaders. Employees on the other hand should be tasked with maintain the reputation of the brand in the industry through their daily interactions with prospective and existing customers.

It is important to keep in mind that the reputation and credibility of a brand is very fragile. The market is replete with examples of this such as when Uber was accused of gender bias and sexual harassment while United Airlines was accused of mistreating a passenger by yanking them out of a seat because of a dead puppy. Recovering from brand damage is expensive and can be scandalous. However, if you have credibility in the industry, you can recover from a crisis by fixing any issues fast through being transparent and empathetic to those that suffered.

2. Marketing a Brand Helps Attract Investors

Business owners and managers are always seeking investors who can support the growth or exit strategies of their enterprises. Before investing in a firm, investors usually look at the company as a whole and not just the products that the firm offers. They usually consider the industry reputation of a firm, the founders, the manager and financial performance of an enterprise before deciding whether to invest in an enterprise.

According to Barbara Clarke – Angel Investor, co-founder and, principal at Impact Seat, investors usually ask themselves if they are looking for a product or a firm. She opines that a brand needs to be bigger than the product that is being offered and as such, companies need to be deeper than just offering a product or a solution.

According to Barbara, one of the biggest mistakes that start-ups male is that they focus more on the product that they are offering and not the problem that they are trying to solve. She says that since start-ups need to pivot at one point, a business brand that is not built on offering a solution to a problem cannot be able to manoeuvre well in the market.

Barbara has a great point. Having helped may start-ups change their tact and rebrand for different reasons; it is imperative to invest in a corporate brand. The brand in question should be one that consumers can believe in and one that is headed by leadership that consumers can trust.

It is important to note that a brand is like a home. The more you invest in making it look great, the bigger the asking price should you decide to sell it. Similarly, the more you invest in a company brand, the bigger the equity.

3. Brand Marketing Encourages Engagement with Consumers

In the digital era that we live in today, the sale of B2B products is empowered by consumers. Today, it is not only the CIOs who make the purchase decisions. Consumers have also changed how businesses interact with their vendors.

According to the analyst company Forrester, 90 % of businesses first do a search prior to making a purchase. 74% of companies do some online research before purchasing any items from vendors offline.

Research has also shown that most of the customers who make B2B purchases first go through between 50% to 60% of the consumer journey before talking to their suppliers. According to David Krakauker – Director of digital marketing & consumer experience at Analog Devices, by first going through the consumer journey, it is too late for business to change their purchase decisions though they engage with their clients immediately.

David also adds that by reading the digital language of consumers, business owners are in a better position to serve their clients since they are able to provide relevant content. This usually improves the customer experience while at the same allowing the sales force in a company to have a bigger influence in the purchase decisions of customers.

Marketing professionals therefore have to create strategies that educate and engage customers as opposed to ‘’selling’’. The content created should be interesting and optimized for faster and bigger digital discovery.


6 Different Ways To Throw An Amazing and Unique Party Or Event

Have you always had the desire to plan an amazing party or event? That’s good because planning a great party takes some creativity and skill. And let’s face it, everyone knows having that one friend that can plan a killer party is a great friend to have.

Party planning is as much about creativity as it is about being organized. It’s not something everyone, or even most people, can do well. Yet everyone loves the idea of attending an amazing, well planned party or event. Do you want to be the person who has a reputation for planning the type of party that everyone else wants to attend?

If so, here are some killer party planning tips to help your parties stand out from the rest.

1. Try Something Unique

Something fresh or new has a good chance of being a hit. Everyone has a lot of the same in their lives so the idea of something different is very appealing. You can be the person that gives it to them with your event.

Consider exposing you guests to new things. You can both educate and entertain with your event. For example, I spent three years abroad. When I got back home, I threw a welcome-home party. The theme of the party? It was a travel theme, of course!

For the meal, I prepared a variety of dishes, all from the different countries that I visited during my time away. I decorated with different maps that showed where I had been and included details about each place.

The guests loved being exposed to new food dishes they may never have tried otherwise and they got to hear the unique stories of my travels.

2. It Must Have A Theme

Whether you can provide something new with your party or not, make sure it has some type of theme. If not, it’s just another party. First, with a theme, it helps get your creative juices flowing and gives you a place to star with regard to your meals, decorations, music and anything else you might be including.

A theme also gets your guests excited as to what it will be like. They know it will be different, they just don’t know how yet so they’ll be curious and looking forward to seeing what you’ve done. Anything can be a theme so don’t limit yourself. Even within the them of murder mystery, there are many different ways you could implement that idea. There are also things like decades, escape rooms or even simply ugly sweaters!

One time, I was able to attend a Prohibition themed party. This meant dressing like it’s the 1920s. The party had an authentic 20’s band and even appropriately dressed dancers from the era. With a Prohibition theme, this meant liquor and beer tastings of course.

3. Make It Inspiring

Everyone wants to be inspired. By keeping this idea of inspiration as you plan your theme, you’ll come up with new and fun ideas that will have guests really looking forward to attending your party.

Part of inspiring them is something mentioned with regard to finding something new and using a theme. But there are other ways to add inspiration as well, such as setting it up to have donations go to a favorite charity of your choice. Or maybe add some local flavor with a musician from the area.

4. Give Your Guests Choices

The death of any party, even with a great theme, is boredom. Be sure to have a variety of activities in which your guests can engage. A playlist of all the songs they’ve heard a million times isn’t going to make your party stand out or be talked about when it’s all over.

It’s also important that you don’t over-plan either. Your guests won’t be happy if you have everything planned to the minute. “Do this. Go here.” is not what people have in mind for a party.

There are a lot of different options you can choose within the old standby of games, dance floors, music and more. Within these topics, get creative. Remember, expose them to something new, whether it’s music or games. But it’s also important to have an area where people can get away from the activities and just socialize.

5. Diversify Your Guest List

One way to shake up a party and keep things fresh and interesting is to invite different guests. Sure, invite your closest friends but not only your closest friends.

Mix things up with people outside your tight nit circle. Maybe invite those co-workers that you like, but never see outside of the job. What about people at the gym? Maybe people you talk to on almost a daily basis as part of your routine?

This gives new people a chance to interact and socialize that might not done so otherwise, in an environment that encourages conversation and fun. This will help with the whole idea of a party that feels new, fresh and unique.

6. Make Your Invitations Different, Too

Your invitations matter. Despite what a killer, fresh party you may have planned, if your invitations don’t show that, if they look like every other party invitation, people won’t expect different. That’s the opposite of what you want.

Put some thought and creativity into the invitations as well. It will payoff in a more successful party because you can use the invitations to get people excited, curios and intrigued. They’ll want to attend because they know by the different invitations that the party will be different, too!

Ordinary is not the way to go with party planning. If you want a hugely successful party, set yours apart from everyone else. Don’t plan the type of party that you yourself would not want to attend!


What Are The Different Kinds Of Furniture Repair?

After investing heavily in your furniture, you definitely need to ensure that it is maintained in the best condition possible. Regardless of whether it is an item you bought for yourself, a collector’s item or something that you inherited from your loved ones, all furniture eventually starts to wear out and you have the option of either letting it deteriorate more or have it repaired. To enable you to better understand what may be required, in this piece, we are going to provide an overview of the 4 major types of furniture repair.

1. General Repairs

To start with, there are general furniture repairers. This refers to the individuals that you
seek out in case you need to fix general wear and tear, some splintered wood, or warped metal. This includes the replacement of table and chair legs and the repair of any structural damage to your furniture. General furniture repairs also include resurfacing which involves stripping down and sanding of the old surface, using wood filler to fill gaps and holes and refinishing it with wax, polish, paint, stain, or lacquer. Even though woodworking and carpentry are the main skills involved in general furniture repair, it still requires the incorporation of other aspects.


Upholstery can probably be considered a form of general repair, however, this type of repair is exclusively focused on coverings, paddings, and structural damage.

Usually, the old paddings and coverings are removed first then the structural repairs are first done. After the piece has been restored to its great form, a fresh set of padding is created depending on your design and specifications. The coverings used can either be of leather or fabric. Normally, the person doing the upholstery will create new padding for the piece before it is covered. This process requires a lot of specialized skills.

A professional upholsterer should possess extensive knowledge of fabric and a good understanding of woodwork.


A few furniture repair companies tend to specialize in the repair and restoration of antique furniture. A lot of skill, knowledge, and experience is necessary for this type of restoration. In addition, you need to have the right type of equipment to do this properly considering all the delicate pieces. A lot of restorers can carry out minor repairs onsite. However, they will undertake larger projects in their own workshops. An antique restoration covers a wide range of items including dining room tables, chairs, sofas, sideboards, bookshelves and amongst others.


For the end-user, this kind of business might not mean a lot to them. However, auction dealerships and houses know the importance of these. This type of restorer usually sustains his business through the purchase, repair, restoration and reselling of old furniture and antiques. In this type of business, only high-quality and safe antiques. This business ensures a booming second-hand market.

Make sure you seek out a professional who specializes in the restoration of antique furniture. Reupholstering and the repair of all types of furniture.


The 6 Ways Office Jobs Lose To Nannying

Have you ever wondered why nannies love their jobs? This is a question that many nannies face as people are curious about why they love their careers. To better understand the reasoning, there are 6 ways that nannying beats any office job.

Something New Every Day

When you have an office job, the typical day starts with you punching in at the same time, sitting at the same desk and doing the same tasks as the day before. This cycle repeats every day of the week. While there is a routine as a nanny, parts of it will always change. One day could be spent out at the zoo while the next is spent inside with crafts because it is raining. Each day brings a new challenge and it never gets boring.

The Dress Code

Everyone has a day when they want to stay in their pyjamas and nannies are no different. Fortunately for nannies, they have more flexibility with their dress code than an office worker. A nanny can go to work in their favourite yoga pants with their hair in a ponytail without any issues.

Every day can be casual Friday as a nanny. There is also the freedom of wearing jeans every day or shorts in the hot summer months. Office jobs are different as you have to stick to the company dress code which can be very restricting.

No Boss Micromanaging

When a nanny is hired, parents do so with the utmost confidence and trust that you are going to do everything you are expected to. While this is a lot of responsibility, there is less pressure compared to an office job. As a nanny, you will have room to breathe and relax without your boss keeping tabs on you. Even if the parents work from home, you will not be micromanaged as they need you to take care of the children while they work. In some ways, you are also your own boss.

Flexibility With Your Own Children

If you have children of your own, you will have the option of taking your children to work with you. Of course, not all families are open to this idea, but there are many who are. It can be a great way for all the children to socialise with something outside their family without needing to set up playdates. If you are thinking of doing this, you will need to talk to the family before you start working for them.

The Pay

The pay for the job should not be the determining factor for this type of job, but you need to understand the impact. Working at a daycare centre can make you feel underpaid and overworked while being underappreciated. This is why many people leave daycare jobs and work as a nanny instead.

The amount you are able to make as a nanny will vary, but this is the same for any job. However, the salary for nannies is generally better than that of entry-level and low-level office work.

Job Security

There are certain career fields that are always in high demand. Education and child care are two of these careers. People are not going to stop having children and the demand for nanny services will always be there. Of course, it can take some time to find the right match between family and nanny, but it is not impossible.

There are a lot of people who have university degrees working jobs not related to their field of study or who are unemployed. Nannies are rarely in this situation because of the demand for their services and skills. This is true even with companies laying off some employees.

There are many ways that working as a nanny is better than having an office job. Of course, this career path is not the right one for everyone.